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"Where is the stillness? in the heart of the present moment.

Stillness is the space between notes"

—Mike Boxhall

Next activities

Presence in Stillness

We believe that healing is possible when a person is given time, space, and presence to assimilate their undigested life experiences. 


We work by integrating undigested life experiences that emerge in our body through sensations and emotions that need to be expressed in a safe context and free of judgement.


Systemic approach and approach to trauma

New integration work in Family Constellations.

We consider that the 3 necessary conditions to assimilate any difficulty are time, space and presence.


This approach seeks to clarify systemic implications and help the person to make contact with their resources, thus expanding the possibilities for their own life.

working modalities

Tocón de árbol

Systemic approach and approach to trauma

New integration work in Family Constellations.

Workshops in Montevideo and Floresta

Navegando en maderas

individual consultations

You can schedule your individual consultation in Montevideo, Buenos Aires or online

Training courses


Time, space and presence

Systemic tools for daily life and application in workplaces

Focused on personal growth, through direct and experiential experience. As well as in the offer of

systemic tools and family constellations for individual consultation and other professional fields (care, therapeutic, educational fields, etc.)


Information of interest

Plantas secas de cuaderno


You can access the blog where you will find some texts and reflections


Online platform

Platform created for course students

About me

Concrete Wall

Elina Grosso Quintana


I work in Uruguay and Argentina providing individual consultations, group workshops and training groups. 

I believe in healing through contact, when both people are present. 

I am available to accompany you. 

Concrete Wall



+598 99 134 960

Thank you for your message!

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