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Elina Grosso Quintana

Psychologist with systemic and phenomenological orientation.


I work in individual consultation as a psychotherapist, I offer workshops on Family Constellations and Presence in Stillness. I am the director and teacher of the Family Constellations Skills and Techniques Course and the Time, Space and Presence course


I am a teacher of Family Constellations at the Bert Hellinger Center in Uruguay and also in Argentina.


I am trained in Family Constellations, endorsed by the Bert Hellinger Uruguay Center.

Also trained in Gestalt Therapy at the Bert Hellinger Uruguay Center.

I have completed the NLP Practitioner and Trainer at the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona, as well as an intensive on Family Constellations applied to the couple (given by Joan Garriga) and several Family Constellations workshops given by Joan Garriga.  

I have participated in Family Constellations workshops with numerous international teachers (Carlos Bernués, Stephan Hausner, Tiiu Bolzmann, Joan Garriga, Alejandra Pistorio, Rosi Steudel, etc.). I have also done Presence in Stillness seminars with Mike Boxhall (England).

I have worked at the Bert Hellinger Uruguay Center as academic coordinator of several Family Constellation Trainings, Community manager and assistant.

I also worked at Geiser together with Guillermo Echegaray as director of communication and coordinator of the online Certification in Organizational Constellations and Systemic Coaching. I have also worked as a secretary and coordinator of various groups.


I have directed the self-knowledge and conscious eating course and the Family Constellation Tools course in San Bautista and Montevideo. 

I have studied and continue to study Sacred Sciences at the San Martin de Tours School. 

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