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What is Gestalt Therapy?

It is a relational therapy, created by Fritz Perls (1893 - 1970) that is based on four pillars: responsibility, self-support, organismic wisdom and the ability to be present here and now.


It allows working difficulties and expanding the possibilities of the person towards their own life and relationships, through the integration of polarities and unrecognized aspects of their character structure.​

How we work?

We work with any situation that the person brings, we look for it to be expressed in the first person and in the present, to increase self-awareness. 


Through different gestalt techniques (empty chair, visualizations, dream work, etc.) we explore what aspects need to be integrated by the person that are currently far from consciousness and therefore projected on other people, retroflected on their body, among others. defense mechanisms. 


Gestalt therapy seeks to expand the possibilities of the person, allowing them to inhabit more parts of themselves, generating amplitude in their way of going through life, the relationship with themselves and with their environment. 

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